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Discover the most beautiful version of you.

Exclusive Looks is a hairdressing salon in Eindhoven for fashion conscious people and stands for quality because of personal attention and the time to cut your hair perfectly and to give you a beautiful hair color. Even from Utrecht, Nijmegen, Limburg and Belgium new customers are finding his salon.

Hairdresser Raf has a unique way of working, a more personal approach that cannot be compared to the regular hairdressers.

Salon appointments with Raf are available from Wednesday to Saturday. It is recommended to book at least 4 weeks prior to your appointment, however this may vary depending on the season.

Raf specializes in modern, easy to wear hairstyles for all women of all ages; long, medium or short hair, from easy wash 'n' wear to classylooks or corporate styles.

For new clients wanting a colour treatment, a pre-service consultation will be required.


Closed until 28 april

Dear customers,


Because of the Corona Virus, the government has decided that hairdressers must keep their salons closed until April 28 april, 2020.

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Raf Visser

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at one of the best hairdressers in Eindhoven.

I have 29 years of professional experience in the industry. Since 2006 I have been working independently in my own business without staff.
So you can be sure that I will always help you.

I am specialized in all professional cutting and coloring techniques and over the years I have developed my own, recognizable signature. You can come to me for either classic hair fashion with a modern twist or trendy hairstyles for a fashion statement.

When we have consulted about how you would like to look, I can start with my work and you can safely leave your hair to my hands.
I create balance in proportions and let these fit perfectly with your head and face shape. This ensures that your hair style also on the sides and back looks flawless and that your hair is easy to manage.

After cutting, I can give your hairstyle even more power with a beautiful hair color. The hair color should match the color of your skin and be in the style of the model but that's for later. Book your first haircut appointment online now. Then at least we'll see each other soon and we'll get off to a great start!



A new hairdresser an adventurous thing?

My regular customers always leave the endresult of their hairstyles to me. I can imagine that this is a bit too adventurous for you as a new guest.

Then a personal advisory meeting in advance is really something for you. Just free of obligation to get acquainted and to listen to what you would like to look like. I assess the health of your hair and discuss with you the possibilities so that the right treatment(s) and time can be booked. Choose in the online agenda the option: "Free consultation" at "New customer".

Tip: Collect some photos on your phone with your favourite hairstyles and hair colourings. 

Below you will find a brief overview of the different cutting & colouring techniques. For more information click on the picture or come in and take a peek at how I work and enjoy a delicious cappuccino, a hot chocolate milk or a nice green tea.



Natural Hair Hairstyle

In natural hair fashion, the emphasis is on the elegance of a naturally falling hair style where the shape of the head and jawline from every angle is optimally emphasized.

These natural hair styles are especially suitable for people who want to stand out with a hair style that radiates their taste for natural beauty.

Creative Hairstyle

In creative hairstyles I emphasize on out of the box design such as asymmetry and undercuts with a lot of oneven texture.

These hair styles are more striking and especially suitable for people who want to make a statement with their hairstyle.

Pivot point & Freehand

At Pivot Point the emphasis is on texture, where the layered lines of the hairdo from the crown follow the oval shape of the head, which I cut, cut and slice with different freehand techniques. Because of this there are no clear contours visible anymore.

This hair style has more of a Bohemian, nonchalant, "girl next door", feeling

Cutting curls


I cut curls according to a unique freehand cutting technique especially for curls on dry hair. Very specifically per bundle a curve is cut with a c-movement in the natural shape of the curl and in harmony with fall of the bundle. This creates a playful natural volume at the roots and more curly luchness at the ends . This unique curl-cutting technique is also suitable for permed hair.



  • More volume and lushness
  • More resilience
  • Stronger curls
  • Playful and frivolous effect

Rejuvenating hair mask included


Included with this unique  curl cutting technique  is the intensively nourishing Trijuven rejuvenating hair mask.

After this special hydrating hair mask for curls, your curls are softly dried under a capdrier. 

Curls in short hairstyles can also very well be cut into any shape 'blunt'.  It depends on you hairstyle and curltype.

To be shore book a free curl consultation beforehand.


GLYNT VITA Day Cream Hf 3 

is a moisturizing styling cream for nonchalant fixation, volume and shine. This product combines care and volume styling in one, works very naturally and does not stick. Ideal for compact, resilient bundles with generous curls.



For short hair 1 time, for medium hair 2 doses and work evenly in the towel-dried hair. Then dry with a diffuser or air dry.


Contents: 100ml.


A shiny natural haircolor

A natural look usually consists of one glossy deep natural hair colour. Sometimes I even consciously choose not to colour grey hair 100% opaque so that a natural shade of colour is preserved.

Creative Hair Colouring

With a creatively cut hairstyle I emphasize the differences by giving at least one section a contrasting color. This is also called a block coloring.

Usually a block-colouring as a eye-catcher has at least one contrasting colour character such as: red, copper, violet, super light blonde or grey shades. Of course the choice of contrast shades depends entirely on the base colour of the haircut.

Moreover, it is important that the blockcolouring as an accent is placed exactly in the right place and follows the lines of the creative model as I have cut it. The following quote applies here: "Less is more".

Ultra-light blonde haircolour

To obtain ultra light blonde hair the hair must be bleached. If you choose this treatment, it is recommended that you first have me do a hair test in the salon.

For this colour treatment I use Glynt's intensely soft bleaching powders Magnum Blonde & Magnum Platinum and add the extra protective Trijuven serum. Nevertheless, I advise my clients not to wash their hair 2 days in advance.

Balayage Sunkissed Highlights

Bye! Ombré and Dipdye, hello! Balayage. Balayage is the most applied hair color trend of this moment. Balayage means: 'sweep'.

This technique is freehand where with sweeping the color is applied to the hair fluently.

This new way of high-lightning looks astonishingly natural because of the transition from dark to light without the hard contrasts as in highlights with the former foil technique. That is why this is also called sunkissed highlights.

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