General terms and conditions of use online agenda 2021

  1. Exclusive Looks is a salon exclusively for adults. 
  2. For any change of hair colour, it is recommended that you only book the free consultation well in advance. If, on the day of the appointment, it turns out that a treatment cannot be done because of a wrong booking, this lost bookingtime costs will be charged.
  3. Are you visiting for the first time? Then just book a haircut appointment. In order to colour your hair, I must have seen and assessed your hair first. After that, the necessary treatments and time can be booked correctly in the agenda.
  4. I only colour your hair if it is cut by me and only cut your hair if it is also coloured by me.
  5. Craftsmanship needs time and sometimes a treatment can be delayed. Take this into account in your planning with third parties.
  6. When using this online service, where you can book your treatment(s) directly in my calendar, you are of course also responsible for meeting the reserved time.
  7. In your confirmation and reminder emails you will find links that allow you to cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 12 hours in advance.
  8. This booking system operates fully automatically and is certified so the confirmation and reminder emails will never end up in spam. In addition, you will receive a reminder by SMS one day in advance.
  9. If you do not show up, 100% of the total amount of reserved treatments will be charged for the "No show" and must be paid before a new appointment can be booked.
  10. You are responsible for keeping track of the confirmation emails of your bookings. In case of double bookings on the same day, 100% of the reserved time will be charged.