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Shiny and healthy hair is like a diamond: striking and beautiful. Short or chemically untreated hair in particular needs products that keep it in this state, and the HYDRO series is ideally suited for this purpose.


VOLUME products offer an instant volume effect and a silky shine without weighing hair down. The result: a special power and a dynamic and weightless volume.


Whether colour-treated, decoloured or permed, chemically treated hair requires extra care and REVITAL products give it what it needs.


The DERMA series helps the scalp repair itself. It rebalances the functions of the scalp. The result: a soothed, healthy scalp and a good feeling.


Silky-soft hair - the epitome of beautiful hair. Thick hair or hair that tends to be dry needs proper care, so that it shines and becomes supple. Hawaiian keni oil rich in essential fatty acids


Unlike regular hair treatments or nurturing masks, TRIJUVEN© not only works on the outside of the hair but also on the core of your hair. 


Coloured or uncoloured hair: MANGALA refreshes the hair colour, shades it if required or enhances it. GLYNT MANGALA products keep hair colour radiant and shiny even between two hair colour appointments at the hairdresser's, just like on the day of colouring.


SENSITIVE products give the skin what it needs: a good feeling. Highly purified mineral lipids, vegetable oils of cuckoo flowers and jojobano nuts preserve the skin's protective acid mantle and promote a healthy skin barrier.

Styling & Finish


Radiant shine and a hair colour that reflects light in all its facets. This is what a perfect look looks like. The GLYNT SMOOTH products let the hair shine like a diamond and make it a naturally beautiful piece of jewelry.


For tight shapes and an individual structure, it is important to have products that allow for limitless variation: confused hair or silky smooth hair, wild cuts or straight looks. With GLYNT TEXTURE products, the creative possibilities are limitless. 


Whether it's a tight partition, a wet look or shiny accents of individual hair parts: the GLYNT GLOSS products enable individual avant-garde hair styles and are an indispensable accessory for revolutionary hair styling.


Sprays don't just fix each hairstyle. They enhance the look, provide texture, volume, fixation or define individual parts of the haircut. They are even indispensable for put on hairstyles. As with any unique look with a unique character


From Manhattan via London, Amsterdam to Berlin... Current trends generally require perfect hairdryer styling. The GLYNT SETTING products are a perfect tool for volume, fixation and "big hair". Make an entrance!